How make tor hidden service but NOT use tor for network?

This is only an idea I wonder. I am reading about create tor hidden service to use SSH into machine behind firewall.

But I wondering if I can use this but not use tor for traffic behind GL router? So I have connecting computer to GL and not using tor. But also I can go into GL router SSH from other network using tor.

Something we can think abouts as a community.

Of course you can do. You need to install Tor manually and do some configuration. But this is complicated as I know. You may just install our Tor firmware and have a check. When you move the switch to the right side the devices behind the router does not go through Tor. But the router itself is still connected to Tor.

So next step is to make you ssh goes through Tor. This can be done but frankly speaking I am not sure how exactly to do that. Seems you are doing something quite unique.

Yes. Okay I going investigations and I am posting result after I am able use GL router for basic function like connect to internet.