How many connections can the Mudi (GL-E750) handle?

Looking for some feedback on how many clients users have had connected to the GL-E750. Is it a hard limit or just quality degrades with the increase of clients?

There is no hard limit, it will just degrade, but tests for GL routers show they can usually handle around 50 clients with the single core CPU’s such as the Mudi, while the S1300/B1300 can handle more than 100.

I would still not recommend more than 25 or so clients, interference and packet loss would start to affect the experience a lot.

Thanks @Johnex! I was aiming for 25 so that’s good to hear!

I agree - once one gets above 25 clients per AP, one becomes limited on the 802.11 channel overall…

Standard rule of thumb for sizing/capacity is 25 client stations per AP depending on the traffic mix

Much depends on the traffic - IOT apps, could be a lot - VOIP/Media Streaming/Gaming, much lower.

As noted - B1300/S1300 are pretty stout on the GL-iNet builds based on the QSDK, they’re optimized fairly well by Qualcomm/Atheros here.