How to add other wireguard VPN Clients

AR-750S-ext only has 2 options for wireguard

  1. Azire

Does it mean that I cannot setup any other clients other than these two?

Those 2 options are only for automatic configuration. The router will use your account and download the config for you.

You can for any other service and custom servers (like you wanted to do in the other thread) just use the manual configuration. You paste the config that the server UI gave you when creating a new client.

Just remember to use your DDNS address instead of the IP in the client config, or else your clients will not be able to connect if your server IP changes.

Hi @Johnex ,
Even if i try manual config, those were the only 2 options available to pick. I was surprised. Please see the screenshot below.



glinet app had integrated more WireGuard service providers

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Thanks for the info.

Hi Johnex,
I opened the .conf file using notepad++ and copy pasted it from there into the setup screens. However, it is not able to connect. It goes to “Abort” and stays there for a long time. I have to abort and then go back to the OpenVPN client to connect.

What is going wrong?
Should i use any specific text editor to open the file?

Are you having issues with OpenVPN or Wireguard? We were talking about Wireguard but now you say about OpenVPN client :smiley: