How to change GL.inet Mifi LTE Module?

We are trying to use Gl.inet Mifi products in Korea, but the band does not fit

EC25-AF FA is using band B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71

but korea KT LTE band B1,B3,B8

I know that the LTE module of gl.inet Mifi is a pcie method.

Can I buy and replace the EC25-E pcie?
I would like to know if the LTE module can be replaced.

You can replace the module by removing a few screws. I recommend you get the EP06 modules though, they are faster than the EC25.

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Oh, Thanks.

In the case of the ep06 it seems that you need 3 antennas.

However, mifi only has 1 antenna.

Do I have to customize the 2 additional antennas?

One of the 3 antennas is for GPS. You only need to use at least 1, the 2nd one is optional. Midi has holes for external antennas if you need as well, you just need a u.FL to SMA pigtail.

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we ordering quectel EP06-E module.