How to compile MT1300 image with WIFI support?

Hi there,

I brought a brand new MT1300 this Monday due to unsuccessful compile AR750S NAND image.
MT1300 has 32MB NOR Flash seems easier than AR750S NAND for compiling image.

I compiled image from gl source under 19.07.2 branch. But I cannot find any WIFI device after flash the new image.

I find out that it is 7615 after I restored its official FW.
And then I recompiled it with 7615 driver. I got one wifi signal now. But it cannot get DHCP address when I connect to this WIFI. The DHCP works fine if I connect to this router via LAN.

How can I get 2 wifi signal just like official FW? And how to fix the DHCP issue?

Pls check this post MT7615: Add support for DBDC mode · Issue #315 · openwrt/mt76 · GitHub

It is 7615 to enable dual-band