How to connect MT300N-V2 to WiFi network which requires username

Hi there,

Hope someone might be able to help. The hotspot service provided by my isp needs a username and password to connect to it (not a captive portal but a direct username and password. When using the MT300N-V2 in repeater mode I am only given the option on the interface to input the password but there is no option for a username and so it won’t connect to the hotspot.

Is there a way to do this or a workaround for it?

Thanks so much in advance.


I am sorry to tell that MT300N-V2 does not support EAP which requires username and password.

Other models: AR300M, AR150, AR750 and AR750s etc. support that.

Thanks for your reply. It seems that this is possible using OpenWRT but I’ve tried and it seems to be out of my area of expertise.

As it is theoretically possible on the hardware is there any plans to include EAP on an upcoming firmware update?

Thanks so much