How to delete offline device from clients list?

The list is growing constantly because some devices have a new address sometimes (and new devices added and removed). I’d like to be able to purge some or all devices from that list.

Is it possible ?

I have a brume mv100 running 3.104.

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You can only delete ALL clients sadly.

Instruction here

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Thank you. I did search a few keywords before asking but did not find that topic. I am not surprised that as soon as its not in the GUI it becomes quickly very complicated.

That’s probably why I bought ASUS routers after the Mikrotiks and why I bought a BRUME recently. I cannot bear a command line only equipment. Unfortunately, there is no perfect router (Mikrotiks can only handle L2TP/IPSec as a client with my VPN provider, ASUSWRT only OpenVPN with a very good GUI for policy in john9527’s fork).

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Hi to everyone,

I have GL-MT300N-V2 - firmware 3.025
BusyBox v1.28.3 - OpenWrt 18.06.1

I solved this issue by editing the file tertfinfo_bak and rebooting the device:

DISCLAIMER: If you are not fully confident in what you are doing please dont do go further!!!

  • login in into ssh shell
  • edit /etc/tertf/tertfinfo_bak
  • delete offline device lines from the file
  • save the file
  • reboot the device


[edit] other info in this post: How to remove entries in the client list? - #7 by James13

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