How to disable the Web Failsafe in GL.iNet 6416?

I know that the web failsafe is important on openwrt firmwares and it helps a lot when we make something wrong that crash our routers. But in my case, I have a shared network and due the phisycal limitations, my router unfortunately stays on a central of my building. Of course, this is a place that anyone can access and the security is none. Anyone with Linux and Openwrt knowledge can screw and erase all my data on the router by the web failsafe option. Is there any way to “eliminate” the web failsafe or block it?

I don’t think there is a way now.

If they can physically access the router, then nothing is secure.

They don’t need to reset your data using uboot. All data can be easily erased using the reset button. They can even connect serial connector. Of course you can disable the reset button and disable console in your own firmware.

If you really want to disable uboot web, then you have to modify the uboot.