How to extend storage after upgrading to FW 4.0 on GL-X750v2

Hello everybody,
after updating to FW 4.0 (OpenWrt 22.03.4, r20123-38ccc47687) the available filesystem space has been decreased massively. How is it possible to extend this space e.g. by using the internal sd card slot? I already tried to use Extroot, but the packages that are necessary for this, can not be installed due to less space on device.
Are there any other methods or recommendations how to fix this? Which package for examples can be deleted without affecting the functionality of the router?

Thanks in advance


Assuming you will use opkg and command line interface until you have added the storage, what about removing luci and all the luci-app plugins?

Hello and thanks for the answer, could be an approach. Is it sure that the storage extension e.g. with Extroot is working on the GL-X750 with Firmware 4.0? Does it behave like any other OpenWRT based device, so that you can use the OpenWRT procedere 1:1 on this device?

I don’t know, I just tried to suggest packages that might be removed. I have extroot with other gl.inet routers. Also, please be advised that extroot does not survive firmware upgrade, so extra data has to be backed up and extroot process repeated after any firmware upgrade.