How to find the program?

Hello . Please tell me how to find these programs that are installed in MUDI?

I will be grateful for help!

I tried but didn’t find anything…
opkg list-installed | grep macclone

2.VPN Policy
3.Network Mode
4. Real-time speed and traffic
5. Repeater
6. Tethering

These functions are not in separate plugins.

What do you want to do?

@alzhao Thanks for the reply. I want to find these programs in the openwrt repository.
For example, the DnsCrypt program that is installed in MUDI is in the openwrt repository

Yes this one could be a pacakge. But not the one you listed before.

Thanks for the answer . Well, the rest of the programs that I have indicated or these are scripts where you can see through the openwrt interface ?