How to get Luci back?

After updating my AR300M to the latest firmware Luci has gone.
How can I fix it and bring her back?
Is there another way to edit the advanced settings?

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If you are updating to 3.216, just go to More Settings → Advanced and reinstall.
LuCI - GL.iNet Docs 3 (

I tried and get this:


after update it shows me:


What to do now?

So its possible that the repo address is bad or needs to be changed.
You could do a Uboot upgrade, I think because you kept settings(on by default) when you upgraded something got misconfigured
You could revert to factory then re-upgrade and configure.

In plugins it is luci-base is the core package and luci-lib

No. I can´t find it there.

It seems that I can see only installes packages even after set filters to show all. The number of packages is in both cases the same.

It seems to be a network issue. Please log in to the router via SSH and enter the command opkg update to update the package repository. You can see exactly which addresses are not accessible.

Thank you for your advice but I don’t know how it works

Its not that difficulty always good to learn a new skill

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