How to get serial code?

Hi at all!

i have a gl-ar300m. I’have a question: is possibile by terminal command get the serial code?

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it’s impossible?

Do they have one? It’s got a MAC - any good?

the one on label under the device. Is it stored somewhere?

The serial is stored in the art partition in the flash.

You can read it using this command:
art=$(cat /proc/mtd | awk -F: ‘/art/{print $1}’) && dd if=/dev/$art bs=1 skip=$((0x30)) count=16 2>/dev/null && echo

wery good work Heaymetal! thankyou


is there a new in-memory location fort the S/N? The path stated by heavymetal does not work anymore with newer versions.


Should not changed.
But it may depends on the models. The modem was for AR300M etc. What is your model?

try this command:
cat /etc/config/glconfig | grep factory_sn