How to mass upload WireGuard profiles on Brume W

I have all my vpn profiles stored in files with either conf or ovpn extensions. It would be great if I could just import them all at the same time instead of manually plugging in the values. I’m talking 100s of profiles not 10s. Is there a way to do so? Would you mind filing a feature request if not?

You just have to put them in a zip file and upload the zip file.

I has been covered in the documentation:

This does not work with WireGuard clients only with OpenVPN clients. For bulk WireGuard client setup all I see is a text box to manually create setups one by one when I go through WireGuard Client menu. The ovpn configs are different from WireGuard ones. I would attach a screenshot but new users can not attach them as per site limitations.

I have a GL-S1300, but maybe this script I wrote will help you.

(get & and place them in /data/wireguard dir. this works without needing to install any extra python libraries AFTER I installed gl-home-assistant, as it sets up python. YMMV)

ssh GL-S1300
root@GL-S1300:~# cd /data/
root@GL-S1300:/data# mkdir wireguard
root@GL-S1300:/data# cd wireguard/
[copy files]
root@GL-S1300:/data/wireguard# ls
root@GL-S1300:/data/wireguard# chmod +
root@GL-S1300:/data/wireguard# ./
(done. configs are appended to /etc/config/wireguard)

Thanks for sharing the script. I’ll give it a try. It would be nice if there were official support though. Any way to tag this as a feature request. I haven’t seen anyone from the gl inet team responding.