How to / My private gl-inet DDNS through HTTPS access

Hello comunity,

when entering my own gl-inet ddns, I can see that the page isn’t encrypted with https, so if entering the access password etc… this way won’t be secure. I know how to enable https on openwrt routers to access Luci config panel in my other openwrt routers, but didn’t try in my actual first GL-AR300M with the advanced options or package installing, I don’t know if there is another similar topic in forum or somebody to tell me not to be worried :smiley:

I know I can allways use vpn and then access my gl-inet ddns but I’ll like to learn how to setup the https way… or if it isn’t possible.

Thank you in advance.

It is not difficult to have https in the router. The problem is that every time you visit the browser will display a warning message.

Here is how to setup ssl

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