How to power MIFI via internal header

Hello, I have been using the MIFI routers since around 2019 with success. However, I just received a batch of them and their circuit board is completely different. Here is a link to what I have been buying:

As you can see, it has GPIO right above the cellular module, as well as a 2-pin connector to power the board internally. The latest boards I received are completely different, here’s a picture:

The GPIO’s above the cellular module are now missing, and the battery connector is a 6-pin! GL Inet support says this change was made in 2018, however I didn’t start buying these until 2019, and after over 500 units purchased, have never seen this style. It’s a problem for me because I need to be able to power the board internally due to a special use-case I have. It is difficult getting a hold of support, so I’m wondering if anyone else has run into this? I want to remove the battery completely and power the board via the battery connector somehow.

There may be various problems with this modification.

Our device has a dedicated single-chip microcomputer that handles the power on and off and power display. If you connect an external power supply, it may cause logic confusion and the device status may not be controlled.

We do not recommend you to modify it.

The interface description is in the attachment, The battery voltage is 3.7V~4.2V.