How to remove entries in the client list?

When visiting the clients tab there are old entries that never seem to disappear. How do you remove these without resetting the router?

Search is your friend:

I saw that thread but I could not believe that there was not a simpler way to achieve this.

It’s easier to just reset the device TBH.

I agree, there should be a simpler way to clear them out like maybe a “CLEAR” button.

any solution?
i have the same problem
trying to delete the following file doesn’t solve:


That request exists in other post.


Jul '19

First stop this process “gltertf”

Then remove the following two files

And restart your the glterf process or reboot.



Can anyone advise on how to write this to a script? I am trying to set things up so these commands run on boot, but, for me at least, the ‘service gl_tertf stop’ command is running into errors when executed through a script. It seems to not understand what ‘service’ is.

Edit: Silly me, it’s easier to just add two lines of code to remove the backup files at the beginning of the start_service() function of /etc/init.d/gl_tertf.

Can you just add to /etc/rc.local

rm /tmp/tertf/tertfinfo_bak
rm /etc/tertf/tertfinfo_bak

Thanks @alzhao! Is there any difference in results? How often/when is rc.local executed? I trust that this will be safer than what I’m doing but I like to understand these things.

It execute each time you reboot.