How to rollback firmware AR750 to V2.72?

In continuing with my older post about using an AR750 to repeat an open guest signal in a nursing home. I finally upgraded the firmware on the router now the UI will not allow me to connect to the open “Guest” signal. It says the it is DFS and greyed out. Can you somehow revert back to 2.272. I think I need the download file and have to manually install it but can someone explain to me how that is done and where I can get the file.


You can do a reset to factory default by:

  • Press and hold for 10 seconds then release to reset the router to factory settings. All user data will be cleared.
    Source: Repair or Reset - GL.iNet Docs

I tried this but it only reset the router; the firmware stays the same. I think I have to reload the old firmware in order to get it to connect to an open DFS signal that I am trying to repeat. I read where the current UI prevents you from joining/repeating an DFS network. I could do it with firmware 2.272 I just don’t know where to get it or how to install it back on the router now that I have upgraded.

I replied you on another post.

Pls just download 2.273 and upload to the router, do NOT reserving settings and it will be OK.

Thank you for the link. Do you have any instructions for how to rollback the firmware. I am a beginner so I am uncertain what exactly i need to download and how to upload it to the router. Thanks

You can update and dondate your firmware by webinterface of your gl router:

It can be you should take the openwrt-ar750-3.103.bin (if still available) or the openwrt-ar750-3.104.bin (the newest one) one.

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Thanks, worked perfectly