How to set configurable LED to VPN

How do I set the configurable (middle) LED to turn on when connected to VPN on the gl-ar300m? Also is it possible to change colors? Thanks image

I use the following UCI script to reconfigure the WLAN (right) LED. You may need to change ‘wg0’ to the interface name of your VPN tunnel.

uci delete system.led_wlan
uci set system.led_vpn=led
uci set'VPN'
uci set system.led_vpn.sysfs='gl-ar300m:green:wlan'
uci set system.led_vpn.default='0'
uci set'wg0'
uci set system.led_vpn.trigger='netdev'
uci add_list system.led_vpn.mode='link'
uci add_list system.led_vpn.mode='tx'
uci add_list system.led_vpn.mode='rx'
uci commit system
/etc/init.d/led restart 2> /dev/null
  • all three LEDs are technically configurable, including the system/power (left) LED
  • it is not possible to change the colors on the AR300M
  • I use the red WLAN LED, since it is visually distinct from the two other green LEDs