How to set VLAN ID using luci?

(Switch switch0 has an unknown topology - the VLAN settings might not be accurate)
Can someone help me in setuping this diagram, dont know how to setup in luci.

I can help but i need to know a few things before i can help you :smiley:

  1. If you go in luci and click on network do you have a switch entry or is your device DSA ?, if it is DSA you can go to luci->network->interfaces->devices tab->edit br-lan->vlan filtering.

  2. The switch you show is that a managed one or a unmanaged one?, are there plans to put vlans there aswell?

  3. How do you want the topology to be?

  4. Also i just relooked to your image, but is vlan really needed?, i mean it sound to me you want for each port one seperated network correct?

I guess the “switch” means the virtual switch inside the router.

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if i look to your image i think you can also do without vlan if i understand correctly the left side is the router with 4 ports? (I thought it was a switch sorry😋)

What you can do is edit br-lan via luci->network->interfaces->devices tab.

Then you remove devices lan2, lan3,lan4 assuming lan1 is the first port for normal lan.

you will end like this:

note: do not apply only when the interfaces are configurated because you also have to connect back to luci or the settings will rollback especially if your connected port was not lan1 :slight_smile:

now you have port 2,3,4 free from lan network :slight_smile:

if you go to luci->network->interfaces (click the interfaces tab), you can create a new interface.

you can do something like this:

the gateway needs to be left to empty.

Then you click on the tab dhcp server and then you click setup dhcp server, and voila that port now has its own network.

Also I forgot, you also have to create a firewall zone in the firewall settings tab you can basicly if you go later to luci->firewall point the new created zone the same way how lan was to forward to wan.

is that what you want?, or do you also want to assign such network to wifi?

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so lan1 is for the pc, lan2 is connected to another router in bridge mode but guest only, and lan 3 is for the nas server

So if i understand correctly you want to bridge pc and nas on the same lan, and the second port near pc ‘lan2’ to a bridged router as guest?

now i only need to know what router this is, usually there are 4 ports, but the Flint 2 has more and one of the wan ports is lan1 :slight_smile:

Also one would also use the nas on lan1 because its 2.5gb was it connected that way if it is a flint 2?

I am using Flint-ax1800

Aha, in that regard I think you only have to remove lan2 from the br-lan bridge and configurate it with a different interface and firewall zone as shown here

Then you would end with something like:
pc (port 1/lan1) → lan
bridge router (port 2 / lan2) → guest interface
nas → (port 3 / lan3) → lan
?? → (port 4 / lan4) → is just the lan

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do I have to adjust this one?

i dont think so that is for wireless :smile:

You want wireless to cover on port 1,3 and 2?

I think for 1,3 you are good since one wifi hooks into br-lan.

But for lan2 you also want to put it into a seperated bridge and then under your new created guest interface cover this new bridge as device and not lan2, then select in the selected wifi ap to cover the guest interface.

You create a new bridge kinda like this:

Then cover it as device for your guest interface:

And then cover it in your wifi ap like:

^ i made a mistake here, for you it would be interface guest as previous screenshot, this is from my main setup :smile:

Sorry my drawing skills are not superb on my phone :yum:, but i believe that is what you want if you want to combine wifi?

Thanks, it works but I cannot see who is connected in my gl.inet dashboard while in the luci app I can see what devices are connected.

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Unfortunately its a limitation of the UI, but i believe in the future they may want to support it described here

It can still work in some way by using gls guest network feature, i believe newer firmware also have a option for a guest network, you may are able to manipulate the newly created interface in luci. :smile:

I deleted the guest network :sweat_smile:

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How come he can see clients on the dashboard?

probably because it was generated from the gl ui.

Best is to do the same and then go back in luci to edit it, I’m not sure if guest interface with that name gets generated like that, you may want to remove it first it causes issues :smile:

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