How to setup dedicated IP on Opal

I am using Private Internet Access and purchased a dedicated IP address. I managed to connect my router to my VPN with Wireguard using the glinet mobile app, but the app only lets you select a location.

When I go into my dashboard and click “Add a new profile” under the Wireguard client section, it only allows you to select azirevpn and mullvad, and asks for confirguration, interface and peer network information under manual input. How do I go about getting these details to point my Opal to my dedicated IP with my VPN?

in the Wiregard client section use the “+new group” button, and from there you can add any config file.
hope this helps.

hi @pierocafa where do I get this config file from?

Hi @routerdude , do you have the VPN server in your glinet? in case there you have to go to the “server” Section, create a new user and export the config file from there.
hope this helps.

I tried creating a Wireguard server and starting it, but I can’t run server and client at the same time on the router. What do I do with this server once it’s set up?

As I mentioned, I’ve already successfully connected it to my PIA VPN with Wireguard client, but I have to select a location and it will provide a random IP, I would rather use my dedicated IP if possible. Any advice?