How to switch firmware between NOR and NAND

Hi there,
I’ve got a new GL-AR750S-Ext yesterday.
It comes with NAND flash firmware by default. I’m currently try to compile a firmware with plugins what I needed.
Unfortunately, the source for NAND flash does not have 19.07 branch to support this product.

I have 2 options here:

  1. compile NOR firmware with 19.07 branch , this should be easier. But it need to flash it via uboot.
  2. compile NAND firmware with 18.06 branch, this is much harder because some source code for plugin has problem in 18.06, may need more adjustment. and cannot promise it works after compiled.

Here is the questions:

  1. How to switch back to NAND boot if I flashed NOR firmware?
  2. Am I have dual boot for this device after flashed NOR firmware? because it comes with NAND firmware. How to select which is the default boot device if this question is true?
  3. Is there any document for this kind of devices? I mean router with NOR and NAND support.

Thanks in advance!

AR750S does not have dual boot. If you need this you need to modify the bootloader.

The current product only support one firmware, either Nor or Nand.

You need to use uboot to flash either firmware.