How to two GL-MT3000 at the same network (IP range)


I have 2 GL-MT3000 routers at home. First is directly connected to optical fiber router and creates a wi-fi network.

Second one acts as a repeater of the wi-fi of the first one but I can configure it at the same IP range than first one:



This is frustrating because devices on first network can see and communicate with devices on second one.

There is any way that I can configure the routers that all devices became at the same network?

(when I try to configure this a message apperas saying that subnet LAN conflicts with WAN’s one).

I think that there will be ho w to do this because when I purchased the routers I can do this but it was disabled in some firmware update.

Thanks in advance

Set up the 2nd router in WDS or Extender mode.

I don’t find how or/and where to do this.
Please, can show me manual section or page?
Thank You very much in advance!

It is network mode. Remember, you can not control 2nd router if you switch WDS or Extender mode.

I don’t know why GL tells that this isn’t the case. You can totally control the router.
All you need to do is to create a firewall rule to allow all incoming wan to lan traffic and disable masquerading. By default it’s not possible indeed.

And tadaaa, you can access the GUI.

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Extender mode has some strange thing that you have to set your router’s IP to static 192.168.8.x to access the router’s admin panel.

Are you sure about it?

I’m running a Flint in extender mode and I can access the GUI from the main network without any issues, as I wrote in my answer above. Maybe it’s just a missing default fw rule?