How to upload Ovpn Files?


yesterday i got my AR300m.

I tried to upload my Ovpn files, packed in a zip-File, but the router is still talking “need ca, key, crl and cert”. but it is all in the Zip-file.


From Pc to PC it’s working fine…

where is my mistake?

Thanks ROB

A strange situation, but you can add each file in the same way not in the archive. I was going through a similar problem, most likely after unpacking the archive, the real paths to the files and the automatically written links to the .ovpn do not match …

Import config algoritm incorrect.

Is the firmware v2.25? If not, please upgrade.

From your video, I think you are doing it correctly.

I am not sure if @Passter is right about this. But if my eyes don’t cheat me the paths should be fine.

If you can you can send the zip to me so that I have a check.

You can also embed the ca, cert and key in the ovpn file, using the following format, so you can just upload one file, not zip.

here is the content of the ca file




I tried it,

do i have also to copie the " -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" part?

Or just the letter combination?


Including doesn’t help.



i success (i think).The router say connected.

My mistake was, that i had left the lines “key ***.key Cert ***.cert…” in the OPVN-File.

Delete the three lines and said connected.

Thanks <!-- .bbp-reply-author –> alzhao.



Next question: What should i do so that the VPN-Server can see the Client via ping. but I think I open a new Topic.

you want to ping the client (the router) from the server, right? or

You want to ping the clients connected to the router from the vpn server?

The router has a firewall and disables all input traffic. You need to allow input and forward in the router’s firewall.