How to use a Wireguard Server and an OpenVPN client at the same time?

I have no idea of what is your logic.

In the UI it is not allowed and then it is not allowed. We cannot provide customer service to allow that.

Sorry corrected my post, UI restircts this, right, openWRT allows it, right . So it’s my job to look for a workaround for something you guys restricted, right? you see the logic?

So the big question is why do you restrict this function when it is allowed by openWRT???

Why don’t you just load vanilla OpenWRT onto the router?

I don’t think you understood. Alfie is telling you that the feature you want, its not added into the GL UI, so GL can’t offer support for something that is not there. It has not been implemented. There are no restrictions or blocks, you can do exactly like in vanilla OpenWRT, you go in with SSH, change the files and follow any guides you might have found online to do it.

As @Happi suggested, you can load vanilla OpenWRT and configure everything manually. You will then understand the value of the GL UI for most tasks.