How to use the WAN and LAN to connect 2 devices to my WiFi?

I need to connect 2 network devices (low bandwidth) to my WiFi. So many people said it can be done, with the GL-MT300N, so I bought it. I have been able to get the LAN port on it to work, but not the WAN port at the same time. Anyone know where to point me to, to enable this setup please?

Never actually tried this, but I think you can go to Network=>Interfaces=>LAN => Physical Settings and add the unused Ethernet Adapter “eth0” to the bridge by checking the box in the interface section. Reboot.

Above is assuming it’s set up the same as the AR150

This is actually quite easy in MT300N, easier than AR150. First, set up a repeater mode, then:

ssh to the router, modify /etc/config/network,

for the “lan” part:

config interface ‘lan’
option ifname ‘eth0’
option force_link ‘1’
option type ‘bridge’
option proto ‘dhcp’
option ip6assign ’60’

remove all the other switch part, including things like eth0.1 eth0.2 etc.

Don’t remove the “wan” port, as it is used for your repeater.