Http or FTP Web Downloader Interface

I’m trying to find a good way to download files from my server onto a USB disc attached to my gl-ax1800 router without requiring an external computer (letting the router download on its own). However, I cannot find a plugin allowing me to create a web interface (or even from the command line) allowing to download from an http link or ftp connection directly onto the disc.

Would you have any recommendation on a plugin (from gl inet or luci) allowing me to do that ?

Install aria2 and run aria2c --enable-rpc --rpc-listen-all or put it in /etc/rc.local before exit 0 and restart.
Then use one of these and point it to router IP: 5 Free Aria2 GUI for Windows

You can also download this: GitHub - ziahamza/webui-aria2: The aim for this project is to create the worlds best and hottest interface to interact with aria2. Very simple to use, just download and open index.html in any web browser. to /www and rename index.html to somethingelse.html and visit http://routerip/somethingelse

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You may be able to use straightfoward curl or wget commands set up in cron to run regularly.

It depends on the structure of files/folders on your server. Also, do you want to sync only the files added/modified/deleted since last time, or just download all files?

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Updated instructions

opkg install aria2c
"Add 'aria2c --enable-rpc --rpc-listen-all' to rc.local before exit"
unzip master
mv webui-aria2-master/ aria2
mv aria2/docs/* aria2/

Visit http://routerIP/aria2