Huawei E3372 on AR300m

I need a little help getting my Huawei E3372 (BT Mobile piggyback of EE network here in UK) setup with the AR300M (Firmware 2.25) - At the moment if I attempt to add a new 3G interface, It keeps saying “plug in your modem” and I get no result when I do plug it in. I read in another thread that the e3372 uses the same IP as the AR300M, and that this causes a conflict. I’m not sure how to change the ip of either however.

Ok - all working now, I changed the routers ip: wireless status > Lan ip

The Huawei actually shows up as a tethered device rather than a 3g interface.

Thanks for sharing the solution.

thanks for sharing.

This is annoying that Huawei use the same default LAN IP as us …

Maybe need to change to others e.g. but afraid that there will be a lot of guy screaming, why cannot we access

This can be changed dynamically to avoid conflict but we need to use a DNS e.g. for it. Planning for it.