I need some information about gl-mt300n kernel 4.4.93 or a source code change to that kernel


I’m trying to get the MT300N-V2 working with a specific Novatel card, and need one of the following:

  • Help from gl-inet in making a change to the MTK tree. This commit should apply very cleanly.
  • The exact git hash the MTK tree is based on plus the .config so that I can build compatible modules.

I’ve been able to guess at which 4.4.93 commit the tree originated from and have been able to compile modules which work with the MTK 4.4.93 kernel, but, with the cdc_ether and rndis_host drivers loaded my board eventually reboots, sometimes with a kernel oops.

Is there anyone at gl-inet that can help me out?


At least from my latest pull of the GL.iNet repo

LINUX_VERSION-4.4 = .121
LINUX_VERSION-4.9 = .120
LINUX_VERSION-4.14 = .63

You may have better luck building your custom drivers in tree, if you’re not doing that already.