I think I brick my device (urgent help)

Hello I tryied flashing the latest firmware from openWRT to my GL-X750 Spitz v2, but after a few minutes waiting I got no connection from the router at all, via cable or wifi…I tried to unbrick it from this page: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs all the steps go fine until I try to connect to on my browser and it simply does not connect, I have change my ip to as required. The only thing different for me is that I use linux, not windows or mac. Please help me I really need my router back urgently. I am connect through cable the power and WAN lights are on, but does not load.

Can you refer to this guide to make sure everything is correct?

If possible try another PC.

Linux is not a problem at all.

I tryed from another PC and it worked! Thank you!

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