I want to go back to 2.264

I tried 2.27 testing and I want to go back to 2.264. I have the AR300M (NAND)

There’s a file in ar300m/nand/clean (or something like that) that’s only 3.8 MB. It almost bricked the router. I found a way to reflash 2.27 testing but I want the latest clean version.


Your download must have been corrupted.
Try the “tar” from here:

Got it back to 2.2.64 using the tar file in v1. Thanks!

So what is the 3.8 MB file in nand/clean for? It has the same name as the correct firmware file, only way smaller in size. (It is really 3.8 MB, it’s not a failed download that resulted in a short file.) The router accepts it as a valid file.

It should be correct firmware.

Note, the 3.8M .tar file can only be flashed to the router in a working openwrt firmware. Don’t reserve settings if you change from stock firmware to clean firmware as the settings are different.

If you use uboot pls use the .img file. Otherwise it will surely brick the router.

OK. So :

Uboot: img file
Working openwrt: small tar file to add gl-inet interface
Flashing using the gl-inet interface: big tar file