If say nordvpn.com is blocked by adblock/adguard, could brume still provide vpn service?

i.e. is the brume’s internal vpn function blocked by blockage in adguard/adblock?

i have internet addiction;

my plan:

ISP -----------brume (8.1)-----------> opal (45.1)-----------> devices

i wanna block all rubbish sites/vpn on 8.1; then let brume’s internal function to provide vpn to 45.* so only devices connected to opal could go rubbish sites. is that ok?

(ps: opal will be shut off by a timer mains plug, to limit my time using vpn/rubbish website.)


How do you block these sites?

my 1st line already told using adguard and/or adblock


You just need to enable DNS encryption on opal to do this.