I'm waiting for a BLACK FRIDAY sale on Nov on Flint? Anyone?

I really want to purchase Flint AX1800, but still not have enough budget for it. From my country, I only can order it via AliExpress, but the current price on AliExpress is even higher than the main website. It’s weird, $119 vs $99. Furthermore, there are nearly 15% tax for imported products in my country. Therefore, I pay even higher price ): I hope that Gl.inet would like to have a big discount on this model because it was released nearly a year ago and BLACK FRIDAY is coming. I and my friends have been still waiting for an affordable price on that day on AliExpress.

$90 US in Amazon today on the early access sale.

From my country, I can’t order from Amz, poor me!

Can you disclose what is your country?

Yes, but only in US (amazon.com)
Here in europe (germany) we also had the two prime days, but no prime prices from GL.Inet.
I’m asking myself in which country amazon is still not present :blush:

The upcoming “Double 11” price will be 99 USD starting from 1-Nov-2022.
Here is the purchase link:

If shipping forwarder can forward to your country , you can buy it anywhere

For example Google buyandship

Buy the refurb model

Is a bigger sale on Black Friday mod?

Almost same, no big difference.