Imagebuilder config file overwrite

Hi all,
I’m building an image for our e750 using imagebuilder. I’m providing customised versions of several config files (e.g /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd to change port) using the files directive in customise.json. However, when I load the image, they customisations seem to be overwritten with defaults. How can I prevent this?


You probably want to set up a one time run script in cron, that will delete itself from cron and delete it’s own file after making any modifications you want. You can also make it run after all services are complete, like after networking is up and running.

But doing the same with a regular openWRT image works fine. There must be some gl first-run / init script that sets certain defaults that I can turn off?

There probably is, but those files are basically hard coded and not configurable, they might not even be scripts, but part of the API / binaries. That is why it is probably simpler for you to make a simple script to run after.

Should this commit fix this issue?

The problem has been fixed. Please delete the temporary file in the Imagebuilder/imagebuilder directory and re-compile