Import client OVPN from pfSense to AR750s

I have a AR750s with the latest snapshot 6 firmware.
I am trying to import a client OVPN configuration from pfSense 2.4.5
I have verified that the router vpn works by importing the config from KeepSolid to AR750s and it does work.
I have verified the setup on the pfSense by exporting the config to my laptop and that works.
But when importing from pfSense to AR750s I get various errors.
I tried the Android version as suggested in another thread and it fails to import.
The “archive bundle” imports but exits on fatal error.
The “most clients” imports but loop fails over and over saying “failed to apply push options” and "failed to open tun/tap interface.
Which of the export configurations in pfSense is the correct one to use?

I believe its probably in the config file someplace with a line that needs to be edited or deleted but my reading through the various threads didn’t really come up with any concrete solutions.

In case anyone searches, the key is to click the box in the export utility that says don’t use the 2.5 settings.
Once I did that then the “most clients” option worked fine for me.


Thanks a lot , you help me fix the problem.