In App: OpenVPN Button Add Configurations no function

GL-AR300M series mini router
App and router configured and connected
Firmware installed: 3.216

In the app:

  • opening set up VPN on router
  • click OpenVPN
  • click Upload Configuration File (for uploading my configuration file)
  • click Add Configurations → NO REACTION - no new menue

If I trie this way with WireGuard I am given a new menue at the buttom (e.g. upload configuration File)

Where ist the menue?
How to upload a file for OpenVPN


What is your phone’s operating system. Is App file access granted? Can you upload a wireguard profile?
The open vpn configuration file does not support manual addition. So after you click on add you will go to the phone file selection page which is provided by the operating system.


  • I use Android - latest Build and update
    -App/Android doesn´t ask for file access at any time
    I looked in the app permission (even extended ones), but no entry “file access” here. (Btw, I know this permission …)

In OpenVPN the Button “Add Configuration” doesn´t do anything

In WireGuard the Button “Add Configuration” shows those three entries.
“Scan” and “manual Input” work, but “Upload” has no reaction, no input possible. (screenshot)

Yes, looks like it´s a problem with “file access”, but there is no way/entry to give permission

My workaround to add the file was right now to use another PC with LAN connect. But I would like to have the possibility in the app too - there´s not always a system connected by LAN…


I just tested on an Android 12 device, it asked for file access permssion.

Below is the guide to grant file access permission to GL.iNet app on Android.

tks for the fast and really good reply.

I once again deleted storage and cache and than deleted the app.
Reinstalled and started the app.
Been asked for permission for location. Granted it (while using the app).
No more permissions were asked.
Went through settings to OpenVPN → Button “Add Configuration” - and again nothing happens and no ask to give file permission.

I guess it´s a “problem?” with Android 13 (with latest updates from August 2023) that is installed on the phone - or the app is not “compatible” with this version? Just a guess as no other app (and there are plenty on the phone) shows this issue.

Well, maybe updates (app or Android) might solve this prob in the future.

tks and regards

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Thanks for your feedback, I will find an Android 13 to test.

The engineers said that it seems need to configure some permissions separately on Android API 33. They will address this issue in the next version.

No prob as there is another way to make a manual VPN work (with A13).

But great fast support - I a appricate that !

p.s.: funny to see me beeing the only one using android 13 :slight_smile:

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