In client mode can I filter AP by MAC?

My company has a wifi guest network with many AP’s in the building all with the same SSID and password. From my area I can see a few of them at once but I want to only use a particular one as some of the others are not 100% working for whatever reason.

Is there a way to use any of the MT300 products in client mode and specify the AP to use by MAC address?

Yes, you can set up essid in the sta sections.

You can set up repeater first then modify the essid of the sta in Luci->network->wireless

Do you mean “BSSID”? And do I just put in the MAC address of the AP I want to use and it will exclude the others?

Also I see this error in the advanced - network - wireless page

Package libiwinfo required!

The libiwinfo-lua package is not installed. You must install this component for working wireless configuration!


Presumably you mean Luci > network > wifi?

I don’t get an error (ARM300M), so I guess a firmware re-install might be ion order?

Should it have been installed from the factory?

Edit: I just reflashed to version 2.26 and have the same error.


Yes, it should be bssid.

MT300N-V2 has MTK driver so luci configuration doesn’t work good. Can you ommit that error and just edit the client SSID?


Yes, I am able to enter a MAC address in that box. Hard for me to tell if it is working. I still lose internet connectivity after a bit which is what I was experiencing on my DD-WRT router.


My DD-WRT router, when I would look at the status it would display the mac address of what it was connecting to and found it was always switching over to the weaker signal AP of the same SSID after a period of time. When I would force it to reconnect to the closer one, things were good again until it switched back to the weaker one automatically. Seems like the MT300N-V2 is doing the same thing but I can’t tell as it doesn’t show the mac address of what it is connected to.


Has this been tested on the MT300n-V2?

No. Not test for multiple BSSID has same SSID. But I have the same kind of wifi here and I should be able to test.

I replaced my MT300N-V2 with a MT300N. The non -V2 works fine. I can set the BSSID and it is now locked to the one access point.

So there is a bug with the -V2.