In my GL-MT300N-V2 mobile with android are continuously disconnected

this is the problem: I have a GL-MT300N-V2 and when I’m not repeating any signal the mobiles connect perfectly, but when it’s repeating, either in WISP or in WDS the mobiles with android are disconnected continuously, what can I do about it? ?

Would it caused by the weak signal strength?

the signal is ok, the mobile is next to the repeater, and even then it disconnects, this only happens when my ISP has DHCP disabled, and I put the data manually

Not really clear what’s it. What do you do for it?

being more specific: when I connect for example to the wifi of a hotel with DHCP activated, I put my GL-MT300N-V2 in repeater mode in WISP and it works perfectly, I access from my smartphone through wifi and in my PC through LAN, but in my case I have to connect to an ISP that does not have DHCP enabled, and I have to manually put in LuCi the data of IP, DNS, and the gateway, the problem also comes, my smartphone is co-connected and disconnects continuously from the repeater, and sometimes when I try to connect it is “getting IP” and I can not connect, what can I do? in LuCi do you have to make some other configuration apart from writing the data manually?

So you want to use the same WiFi-interface of the 300N to connect both to your ISPs WiFi, and your mobile ? Will not work.
Or you have a second WiFi on the 300N, i.e. USB-dongle ? This is the way to go.

I apologize if you do not explain well … I want to connect to a single ISP, but this does not have DHCP enabled, and I have to put the data manually in LuCi, but when I do the smartphones are constantly connected and disconnected from the repeater, or they do not connect and they stay “getting IP”, what can I do?

How do you connect the 300N to the ISPs router/modem ? In first posting you wrote “… when it’s repeating, either in WISP or in WDS …” so that is WiFi. And “… the mobiles with android are disconnected …” will be WiFi too. But 300N has only one radio. Either to be used for WDS OR to connect to clients. But not both. So to add a second radio (WiFi) using USB-dongle t the 300N.
Will be about $5.
OR do you connect via LAN/WAN-port to the ISPs router/modem ?

This is not correct. All the GL routers that are not 5G have also just 1 radio, but the driver is able to communicate as a client and as a router at the same time.
This is the whole idea of a repeater. It connects to a router as a client, and sends the connection to other clients.

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This seems like a configuration issue somewhere, i have no idea why the phone is not getting an IP.

Exactly … that’s why I bought the GL-MT300N-V2, for its ability to connect via WIFI or WAN to an ISP and repeat the signal. What is happening to me is that my ISP does not have DHCP enabled, so as explained to me @Johnex I must manually type in LuCi the data of my IP, gateway, subnet mask and DNS, but when I do it the smartphones They do not connect well to my repeater: they are constantly disconnected or they keep getting IP and they can not connect, please help me in this.

is what I think … this has me with headaches, could you help me?

Due to its non-standard nature, WDS is often implemented differently in wireless drivers and vendor firmwares making them incompatible with each other. In order to use WDS, one should use the same hardware and software on all deployed wireless devices to maintain compatibility. <

@kyson-lok could you help him with this? Needs WISP with Static IP in the client side. But clients are not getting an IP on the router side.

For MT300N-V2, it uses closed driver, the wireless’s configuration is not compatible with luci. But if you need to use WISP with static ip address, you should configure wwan interface in luci.

He doesn’t need bridge mode. The only thing is the upstream router hasn’t DHCP server, so he want to use WISP with static ip address.

I noticed that smartphones and tablets are continually disconnected when the connection with the gateway I have configured on my router fails, even if my gateway is unreachable they can not connect in any way to the router, there is some solution for this problem?