Inconsistent firmware download process on

I have several GL-iNET products (AR750, AR750s, MT300A) and I frequently update them with their relevant TEST firmwares.

what I have noticed is that different products have different firmware download “experiences” on the web site.
for example :
AR750 - on the main product page you can pick the download tab and navigate from there
AR750S - on the main product page there is no download tab so either the user is lost or has to navigate around to reach the proper download url

at the same time, there is a centralized firmware location (Support > “Release Notes”) but it is VERY misleading because the term “Release Notes” does not imply that it would include the actual firmware download links.

I suggest / ask that the team consider the following 2 actions :

  1. rename the “Release Notes” section under support to something like “Firmware Releases” or “Downloads” etc
  2. make the individual product pages a bit more uniform in terms of their UI/UX. this means having a consistent tab an content structure etc.
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Thank you for your suggestion. We will optimize for some unreasonable places.

  1. “Release Notes” has renamed to “Firmware Releases”
  2. We want to uniform them, it will take some time.

Another way is to go to directly to download the firmwares what you want.

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thanks @Leo for the quick fix.

while you are at it, it might make sense to have the same sub-folder names within the download folder of each device.
as an example :
AR750S has 4 sub-folders which are clear and self-explanatory (clean, release, snapshots, testing)
but AR750 has a sub-folder called “v1” instead of “release”.

this isn’t a really big deal, but it would be a good idea to have consistent and self-explanatory naming methods used across all devices.

Indeed, it would be better to change to “release”.
The folder name can’t be changed at will, firmware upgrade code use the folder name(link).
They are hosting on AWS S3, but it doesn’t have symlink feature.
I have to think about other ways.
Thanks for your suggestions.