Incorect pasword after restore config AR150

Dear All,

I have problem with my GL AR150 after i restore from another GL AR150. when it finished restore and i try to login in gui mode login page have notification " incorrect pasword " can i now what happen ?


You can try to reset the router by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds, then reset the password

my plan is restore with the same configuration with another router. but if i restore to another router the password is incorect. when configuration has been restore.

The admin hash is based on a salt which could only be generated on the original router. So you cannot back up the hash and use it on a new router

I have several AR750S. This article and another helped me to create a workaround for the admin password not working, if the backup config is applied to another router of the same model.

  1. Create the backup of the source router.
  2. In the backup file, edit /etc/config/glconfig
  3. Find section: config service ‘general’
  4. Under that section delete lines:
    option language ‘EN’
    option password ‘blahblahblah’
  5. Save the file and update the archive.
  6. Restore the backup config to the other routers.
  7. Connect to and set the language and admin password. All other settings should be intact

RAV you are a champion. I had 15 routers to reconfigure and was pulling my hair out on this. Really appreciate it.