Increasing GL GUI's Auto Log Off Period

Is there a way to disable auto log off for the GL.iNet Admin Panel for my router?. I have a GL-MT1300 travel router. Or alternatively to at least increase the time to auto log off? Looks like right now it is set at 15 minutes.

What version of firmware is your Beryl running (GL GUI → System → Upgrade)? My Slate AX & Flint, both on 4.2.3-release5, doesn’t seem to kick me out of the GL GUI when I’m using Incognito mode on Chromium-based browsers. I’ve been ‘logged in’ close to 20 hours some days. OpenWrt’s LuCI still times me out, however.

IDK how much of this would apply to Private Mode on Gecko-based browsers (Firefox derivatives).

In the current version, if the Web is not closed or slept on, it will never log out automatically. Of course, this is a minor security flaw and we expect to fix it in subsequent versions.

Version 4.5 of the firmware will allow users to set an automatic logout time. This auto-logout time is also counted from the time the Web is closed or slept on.
But there are no plans for 4.5 firmware for the MT1300 at this time…

I am on firmware version 4.3.6. I am also running Safari on the latest beta of iPadOS, iOS17 Developer beta 6. Note sure if there is an issue with the beta version of iOS Safari or there is something else occurring.

It this auto log out possibly and issue with the Developer Beta that I am running for Safari iOS?

Did you automatically log out during use?
Or did Safari actively hibernate the page in the background or while you were viewing another page?