Information regarding the GL-B2200 Sync button

I was looking at the GL-B2200 documentation, both the Webpage On-line Setup and the User Manual .pdf file, but I could not find information regarding the usage of the “Sync” button?

It is not used actually. Originally designed for mesh setup. But now using bluetooth to set up mesh.

@alzhao Thank you for your reply.

I noticed that when I unplug and plug the B2200 router the smaller white light change to blue color.
Then the smaller white light change back to the white color.

I cannot find any information regarding this.
Does this mean that the router is in Mesh mode discovery,
or does the router is in Bluetooth paring mode,
when the blue light is on?

Small (upper) LED is for power. Blue: booting; White: booted

Big (lower) LED is for Internet. Blue flashing slowly: no Internet; White: Internet ready

The mesh status is indicated in the app, not the LEDs.

@alzhao Thank you again for your reply.

It seems that have been able to configure my two GL-B2200 in Mesh mode using the phone App.
Then I completed each router settings (such as IP Address and SSID names) using my phone web browser using a static IP address (with the WiFi off and a cable line connected to the LAN plug).

  • Should both routers use the same SSID Mesh name or should the name be different?
  • How could I check that one router is a master and the other a sub node?

Use the same name

When you configure mesh, you first need to configure the master node. Remember its mac address

Use the same name

I set the public “Mesh” SSID name of each GL-B2200 using the same name.
Using a phone App like Wifi Analyzer, I was able to find two identical “Mesh” SSID name
listed under the 2.4Ghz and also under the 5Ghz but using a different Channel
for each MAC address. So I think this is what was expected.

However, I used different private “Setting” SSID name for each GL-B2200 because
I found more easy when login as Admin to select which GL-B2200 I was login to,
in particular because when scanning the WiFi networks, some devices only list one SSID.

  • So I wonder if also both the private “Setting” SSID name of each GL-B2200 needs to be the same or not?

When you configure mesh, you first need to configure the master node.
Remember its mac address

I am a little bit puzzles about what I should be doing or what should be expected.
Could you please elaborate a little bit more, see my comment below:

I noticed in that the GL-B2200 could be configured as “Main Node” or as “Sub Node”.
However I was only able to see the “Main Node” listed under each Client list for each GL-B2200 router.

I tried several time to reset each GL-B2200 router and to re-start the setting from scratch using
the Bluetooth connection between my phone and a GL-B2200 router but I never found a specific way
to have one of the router to be a “Main Node” and the other to be a “Sub Node”.

I connected various client devices, using the WiFi Mesh SSID and checked that I was not always
connected to the same router, by checking in particular that the DHCP IP Address of each client device
were using a different subnet.
Note: I used “” for the first LAN IP router and “” for the other router.

However, when running the “glinet” App on my phone for each router, and going to the menu:

Network --> Mesh --> MESH NETWORK

the page displays:

   < Device Location > [Main]    

then clicking the “Modify” button, the next page displays:

  Main Node

       Client    [nb client]   >

 Sub Nodes 

       No Sub Node

And then going to each client, I get the following page showing:

   Client Details

               Mesh:     Main Node

So I got identical “Main Node” with no “Sub Node” for each router when looking at the Mesh Clients list.

  • I wonder if having a “Main Node” and a “Sub Node” is needed, and if so what specific procedure
    I might be missing, or if having two “Main Node” is fine to get the Mesh network working properly?

Maybe you can give me some images to help understand.

To set up mesh, you should use the app to set up main node, then add subnode.

You should not set up each router manually and change the ssid/key to the same, if this what you have done.

I’m having the same issue. How do you add a subnode? I’m using the App but I don’t have an option to add a subnode. All I see is the main mode and modify button.

No the top right corner of the UI, you can expend the menu and find add node options

Could you please add a screen shot or show the corresponding user manual page?

I am not connected to B2200 but you should find here

@alzhao Thank you for the tip. I fond the Add Mesh Node menu.

However, my main router didn’t find the other router.
While my phone could find several WiFi SSIDs.

Does the other router needs to be in some sort of Sync mode?

The subnode should just be power up and that is OK.

But if the subnode has ever been configured, you need to reset it. That is, after the router is powered on and wait about one minute to let the router fully boot, Press and hold the reset button (inside of the reset button hole) and release the button.

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