Initial setup for Opal

Tried to access
Cannot open this page on PC running Windows 10, Amazon Fire tablet or Android smartphone using Spectrum Mobile or using local wifi
Won’t open, times out on all devices

So you are connected to the Opal via Wifi?

Correct, the switch is set to default position

Blue light is blinking slowly

What IP did you got from the Opal?

Trying to use with Roku device, which finds the router with no problem

Haven’t been able to get to the admin page to do further setup for the Opal

It is not getting any internet connection from the local wifi

IP shows on my phone

So you can’t reach ?

Not on any devices or OS

Go with an reset then:

Didn’t work. Also unplugged for 1 minute. No luck.

In that case, you have to get the big tools:

If this does not work either (which would be strange) you should check if your devices are maybe not proper configured. Maybe some active VPN or static IPs or anything else.

Using Firefox I get an error-message and is not opened on Opal. The reason seems to be a problem with the certificate.
I have to ignore this problem, then I can continue to the main-menu.
Maybe your problem is connected to this.