Initial testing feedback

Received the GL-AXT1800 last week and had a chance to play with it a bit. I’ll get more varied testing over the next two weeks as I will be traveling and staying in many different hotels (IHG, Hilton and Hyatt properties) so I’ll have a good cross section of different networks.

Biggest issue I had was the default password (bottom of the router) did not work. Connected via lan, updated the firmware and did a factory reset. After that, I could join the wifi with the default password.

I threw some video files on a USB drive and shared it on the router via samba. I streamed easily with no interruptions.

I have a homebrew wireguard server and set up a client on the router without issue. I’ve give OpenVPN a go as well when I get a chance.

For a travel router, it’s BIG. We’ll see how packs when I leave later this week.

Heh. I definitely agree that it’s pretty big. Luckily it just barely fits into my EDC bag with a battery brick and a wall charger.

If these hotels use Cisco and send disassocate beacons, repeater does not connect.

Really. This seems a big problem.

I mentioned the same thing here.

Until I did the full reset using the side button, I couldn’t connect.


I had similar issue with the default password at the label (back of the device) and firmware 4.0.0 beta3. I had to connect using ethernet cable.
Seems that the issue is fixed with 4.0.0 beta4. After updating to 4.0.0 beta4, changing wifi ssid/password and resetting the device to factory settings, the ssid/password in the label are correct.

does the default password is unique for each router ?

Yes. Each router WiFi key is different from others.

Is this something that can be fixed in a future firmware or is this hardware? I use repeater often in hotels.

While Cisco suggest that you call the customer service or network admin to add the MAC address of the router to allowed list.

Maybe send the same disassociate beacon to the Cisco devices, causing them to disconnect.

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IIRC, the hotels doing this got sued and have discontinued that practice- or am I thinking of something else?

Really? Do you have a reference?

90% of my GL-iNet use is in hotels, and as so few hotels lately have (working) Ethernet anymore, it’s split 50% between my Hotspot and as a Repeater, and it’s been several years since I’ve had an issue connecting to a hotel’s WiFi via repeater (well, since the “No Key” issue was fixed for Beryl).

I’ll be back in one for a few days in about two weeks, I’ll report back then.

Can confirm this was the same on my unit today. When I connected by ethernet the password listed in the config was correct to the label. Updated to beta8 and things worked.

Not quite the same thing, I think, but at least in the US this set a precedent, so hotels can’t deliberately disconnect you:

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I’m the same way. Even in hotels where I can find a ethernet port in the wall, it often does not work.

Occasionally (mostly Marriott properties if I recall) the TV has a box on the back that is used for their hotel TV portal and it has ethernet ports. It’s hit or miss, but sometimes connecting to that box will give full speed internet access and it bypasses their captive network.


Yup, and not only that, some properties will have a real Ethernet jack back there (mostly the ex-SPG (Sheraton/Westin/…) hotels Marriott bought out) even if there’s not one for guests to use.

This is an old post but seems this is how they do that and they are still doing that.

same issue here with the defaukt password but fix it after the update

On arrival (with shipped Beta 4 firmware), went to setup with the app but could not connect to WiFi using the default password on the bottom .

Logged in via ethernet, setup the language and password, checked the password in the Wireless section match, and then I could attach via the default password.


This is a known bug in beta4, please upgrade to beta8.