Instable internet connection problems GL-AR300M

Hi everyone,

We are using the router in our machines to provide a network for the different componentes (PC, HMI, Camera, etc). While the PC is wired to the router the HMI, a tablet, is vonnected via WIFI. For different customers we are using different ways to enter the internet. Somitem over the WAN but mostly by using the ar300m as a repeater. And here comes the big problem. It seems like, that when the internet connection provided by the customer is instable. the hole wifi network from the ar300m seems to disconnect and reconnect all the time resulting in a super unstable connection. This is very bad since our customers cant really control the machine since the HMI is reconnecting all the time. Is there something we can do about it to make the WIFI independent from the external internet connection?


Are you using AR300M or ar300m-nand?
Please provide your firmware version.

Hi, we have a lot of them in use. So i am not sure wether its nor or nand, maybe both. The firmware of one that makes huge troubles is 3.024.