Install brume with 19.07.2 from in ubunutu partition

okay so if I’m looking to verify if an issues gl related or not it would be nice to be able to reboot to openwrt and verify. I have asked this before so here it goes again

You want two OpenWrt on one router? Better not.

I know i know twice the work for me right ? :wink: I tried do extroot on brume and set /overlay to /dev/mmcbk0p1 but it diddn’t work. I prefer running off external storage. got any tips for extroot then?

Exroot should be pretty easy. You can just use guide in openwrt. I have done that before and it is quite easy.

I’ve done extroot on 750,mv300v2,ar150 without problem. something different going on with brume.
yeah I know it’s pretty easy. on the brume it seems like at boot time when it’s supposed to mount the partition specified for /overlay it fails mount. I did a fsck.ext4 on the partition but still fails

after some exploring
the /etc directory is not being created which contains the fstab to define mounts

grep -e rootfs_data /proc/mtd

yields nothing (blank no response)
how the brume boots is much different than your other routers.