Install DDWRT and working with OpenVPN

here is a guidance of how to install DDWRT on GLI routers and how to configure OpenVPN using free FinchVPN account.

Please check and test.

How about dd-wrt for AR150? I see the lines about using a carambola2 firmware has been crossed out in your post here:

Tested on AR150 result a failure. So need some more exploration.

Any update on OpenVPN on the AR150? Thanks

Greetings after Christmas holiday!

We hope to test asap.

Just wondering if there has been any progress.


@skeltonl, I tried but not successful. Maybe just ask DDWRT to add support for the router is easier.


Appreciate that DDWRT is difficult but is there any way to use a VPN service (not just passthrough) with your routers?

Yes. There is a discussion here:

Need a lot of manual work. If I have time, I would like to provide a special firmware.