Install easytether on AR300M-Lite

How can I setup easytether on the AR300M-Lite? Do I need to change the firmware or can I used the stock firmware it came with? (Version 2.27)

You can use the stock firmware.

please find the ipk of openwrt 15.01 ar71xx

Stock works totally fine. What I did to install was to download the OpenWrt/LEDE 17.01.4+ package from EasyTether directly to the device (via SSH while connected to the Internet of course) and then unzip. There’s a ar71 inside of there, opkg install that and you should be good to go once you configure the wan port on it!

Thank you I was able to get it working. I just found that i needed to go into the full openwrt interface to configuring the wan port for easytether to be active/bridged for it to work. I wasn’t able to bring it online through the simple web interface.