Install Tor on MT300N-V2 when no space?

I was not able to use Tor when enabled toggle, after reading forum i figured i need to install gl-tor package, but i have only 2Mb space left. What packages i can delete to install Tor ?

Router: MT300N-V2
Version: 3.203

Developers can you add plugin size on this page and sort functionality for installed packages ?

This is a well known issue with GL iNet routers with only 16MB of flash. You can either run the generic OpenWrt firmware which is much smaller then the GL iNet firmware or you can install a USB flash drive and expand your usable space with extroot. Some info on setting up extroot can be found at: How to expand the "disk space" of gl router by exroot?

Also here

and search all related to Mount Points that comes inLuci with new formware 3.201 and 3.203.