Installing custom openWRT ui on other routers

Hello. First off, It’s not that I don’t use GL-iNet routers as I have the GL-MT300N-V2 and GL-AR150 but is there any way I can install the custom GL-iNet web UI on a non-GL-iNet router? The LuCI web UI is still a bit intimidating for me on my home router so this would really help?

Yeah these routers that gli sell are so expensive. they should save you a few bucks on having to buy their hardware and start exporting their value add for free to other manuf’s hardware and I suppose your gonna want some free support to go with software on some of those different hardware devices out their. naw seems like to much work for them. hey maybe since you bought 2 low end models they will send you a third high end model free?

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@rp201rp 's reply is a bit harsh but think about it. Besides their great products, Gl.iNet’s big selling point besides their travel ready products is their interface. A common interface across every model they sell , from the USB 150 to their Amarok which makes it so easy to administer and do things compared to “raw” Luci (as you’ve found). They would have spent a lot of time, resources and money in developing the interface and they’ve also developed gl.inet processes that help make the interface work (not part of standard OpenWRT).

To give it away to use on another brands router would mean they lose one of their big selling points and lose uniqueness in the market and wouldn’t recoup any money they’ve spent in developing it. Some of the $$ you are paying for a Gl.iNet router isn’t just the hardware and components but the intellectual property that goes with the the interface.

Long and short, no you can’t :slight_smile:

Ultimately, the original post is a testament to the great work GL is doing.

Keep it up GL!!

apologies for drinking and rude sarcastic forum commenting. And that’s why I am officially turning down a PR position with GLinet. case in point.

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I liked your comment, was great :smiley:



And what did you end up buying from Ebay then in your drunken state? :slight_smile:

nothing from ebay, but I did get a little too cocky because I decided to hop in beatdown forum with roseanne bar and had my ass handed to me with a healthy dose a racism & abmient… the mini bar is now closed. :slight_smile:

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