Installing dnsmasq-full 2.87 on 22.03

Hello everyone,

I want to install dnsmasq-full 2.87 (or currently 2.89-6 on the latest snapshot build) on 22.03 to get nftset and nftables support.
However, when sideloading dnsmasq-full_2.89-6_mips_24kc.ipk and installing, I get the following error message: “Can’t install dnsmasq-full, missing libubus20210603”. (tested on both X750 & E750 with 22.03 firmware)

I want to run a transparent proxy but since it’s using legacy iptables rule which needs to translate to nft on 22.03, I get extremely slow speed throughput, unless I’m able to switch the rule to utilize nftables.
(Setting up iptables rules with nftables is a multitude slower than with iptables · Issue #39590 · moby/moby · GitHub)

Please help on how to install the dnsmasq-full 2.87 or above on 22.03.

Is this vanilla 22.03, or GL.iNet firmware based on 22.03?

GL.iNet firmware based on 22.03.4 r20123

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Mayyyyybe you could sideload the version of the libubus package that it’s calling for in the error message???

I had some similar issues lately but with vanilla OpenWRT, and it was for a different reason related to their Firmware Selector site. Same resulting error though. I was looking at installing the libubus package it was calling for but quite honestly I can’t remember whether I was able to or not as it’s been a few weeks. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

You can update this package ‘libubus20210603’.